The SLD Group uses its “I.A.R.I. Methodology” to Interview, Assess, Recommend and Implement (I.A.R.I) various consulting strategies and solutions on behalf of its customers.  The I.A.R.I. Methodology provides scalable and changeable top-to-bottom solutions for diverse SLD client needs.

The I.A.R.I. Methodology allows SLD a clear view of the client’s needs, which facilitates SLD’s implementation of well-planned and innovative management and business solutions with client input.  This process can be applied to entire projects as well as the various phases of a single project.  For example, the I.A.R.I. Methodology can be applied to the preliminary investigation of network security or enterprise software issues and the mitigation or solution implementation phases. Each solution will be defined by its own goals, objectives, and deliverables.

The I.A.R.I. Methodology is scalable and adaptable based upon the changing needs of the client through each phase of the project. The I.A.R.I. methodology is a collaborative approach that aims to incorporate client needs when implementing a targeted and responsive solution. This will satisfy all customer requirements while defining and preparing for future needs.

SLD interviews relevant key personnel that are knowledgeable about the project to review the deliverables for the Request for Proposal (RFP) or project phase. During the investigation phase key goals are defined and re-affirmed to establish a clear process for all deliverables.

SLD performs an in-depth assessment. SLD is interested and concerned about the complete picture. After the assessment, SLD provides written documentation that details customers’ current challenges and issues.

After interviewing key personnel, reviewing client documentation and performing an assessment, SLD will make recommendations to the client. This includes a full spectrum of information.  Personnel, equipment, and training needs are addressed to ensure that a functional healthy environment is implemented. This ensures that an optimal working environment is achieved and maintained during and after project completion.

Following the interviews, assessment, recommendations and client endorsement, SLD will implement a sound, logical solution that addresses key goals and deliverables with scalability and usability for its client. Full documentation of processes and project review completes the cycle.