Mission Uplift is a pilot project that will develop the most comprehensive and cost-effective model for transforming the lives of veterans most at-risk of chronic homelessness through the dynamic combination of transitional and permanent housing with an array of supportive care services that are carefully designed to address each of the identified root causes for homelessness currently confronting our nation’s veteran population. This pilot project shall comport with the regulatory framework and guidance established within the HUD-VASH and HCHV Housing Programs. Mission Uplift’s success will be objectively measured through a series of success metrics as determined collectively by each of its funding sources, and most importantly, by the homeless veteran population that it serves. The goal is for Mission Uplift to become the premier national model for ending chronic homelessness among our veteran population through rigorous adherence to best practices as identified and confirmed through a seven-year pilot project. Elements of these “best practices” shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Identification of, and effective outreach to, veterans most at-risk for chronic homelessness
  • Establishment of comprehensive evaluative intake services to assess client needs
  • Functional, secure, and comfortable transitional and permanent housing facilities (individuals and families)
  • Employment opportunities, vocational training, and job placement services
  • Supportive medical, mental health, substance abuse treatment, and counseling services
  • Sustainable Veteran Owned Small Business formation, technical assistance, equity investment / financing, and veteran resident contracting preferences
  • Social services to refer and facilitate veteran access to public and private grants, education, and other resources
  • Financial counseling and services
  • Home ownership counseling and financing
  • Referral network with other available government service providers and resources

The platform for Mission Uplift’s is a public / private partnership agreement that establishes a team of private real estate developers and investors, community-based non-profit organizations, federal and local government agencies, and other non-governmental business entities, each of will be engaged to their best and highest use towards achievement of this overall mission.


Review the Final Bill from H.R.7105, introduced in the House as The Homeless Veterans Coronavirus Response Act of 2020 by extracting and citing the language providing authorization or obligating VA to act and group such language by the following categories of services:

  1. Technology (e.g. communication equipment & services)
  2. Housing (e.g. land, living, and sleeping)
  3. Transportation (e.g. general transportation services)
  4. Care (e.g. Assistance for safer & survival, medical care, meals)
  5. Services (e.g. Vocational training, employment assistance)

Mission Uplift

DID YOU KNOW? Shawn L. Deadwiler, Chairman & CEO of the SLD Group, provided testimony to the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity about the Mission Uplift pilot program.